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December 31, 2018 • 7:30PM

Mikenosis- The King of Stage Hypnosis – Mike Colucci

New Years Eve Comedy and Hypnosis

December 31, 2018 • 7:30PM

Sgt. John Rice VFW Post 6316

1374 109th Ave NE

Blaine, MN 55434

Phone: (763) 757-4540

Tickets $20 in advance and $25 day of the show

The Sgt. John Rice VFW Post 6316 proudly presents a New Years Eve Comedy and Hypnosis show starring the “Elvis of Stage Hypnosis” – Mikenosis. A certified hypnotist known as the

“The King of Stage Hypnosis” promises a mesmerizingly hilarious show! One Show Only! New Years Eve!


In 1999 Michael Colucci saw his first hypnotic show. He was amazed by what he had witnessed. HIs words were ‚”What was that?” He then

His training began, in Las Vegas,Mike went on to hypnotherapy training to become a certified master hypnotist.In the fall of 2000 Mike performed his very first professional show. He was a nervous wreck, shaking, with blurred vision,When Mike arrived the parking lot was full, there was no place for even him to park. The venue was packed and it was standing room only,....all the way to the restroom doors. Mikenosis was a hit !!

Growing up, Michael says he always had a fascination with Elvis Presley so it became a natural direction for his act. An original, just like the “King of Rock and Roll” Mikenosis promises to make every show an event to remember.

As the “King of Hypnosis” the act grabs your attention much the way Elvis was able to do. Michael strives to make every one of his shows better than the last. If you can stay awake!


Mikenosis to Headline at Wyoming Fundraiser

by Michelle Miron:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008 9:54 AM CDT WYOMING –

North Branch native Mike Colucci found his life's mission late in life, but at age 36, it all become clear: he wanted to become the David Copperfield of the hypnosis world.

For the past seven years Colucci, 43 - otherwise known as Mikenosis - has traveled across the Midwest sharpening his hypnosis act, and his next gig will be at Stars and Strikes Entertainment Center in Wyoming on March 15. The family-friendly show, a follow-up to a show he performed there in November, will include a mix of comedy and hypnosis demonstrations.

He bills the show as "the most hilarious show you might sleep through."

"I always wanted to be in entertainment, I just didn't know what I'd be good at," he said in a February phone interview with the Press. "One day my brother bugged me to go to a (hypnotist's show,) and when I finally got to see it, I knew what I wanted to do. Now I aim to be the best at it."

For those thinking of attending the show, or even volunteering, he wants to make one thing clear: hypnotism doesn't work like a "spell," he doesn't make hypnotized volunteers do anything weird, stupid or foolish, and he can't make them do anything they really don't want to do.

"It would be nice if I could - I would have used it on my kids," he jokes, referring to his years of parenting his two daughters, who are now in their 20s.

Nevertheless, he said, hypnosis is an interesting phenomenon that has a lot of practical applications.

"Quite a few people come up (after a show) and say 'It's all fake, isn't it?' And no, it isn't fake at all," he said. "As long as a suggestion doesn't violate moral, religious or ethic values, people will respond."

A possible exception,, he said, is people who aren't in control of themselves because they're medicated or intoxicated.

Colucci worked in the heating and air conditioning field after graduating from high school, but after becoming enthralled with hypnosis, he found classes in the art in Las Vegas, eventually earning the credentials "certified master hypnotist" through the National Guild of Hypnotists.

He said he regularly attends supplementary training in order to keep the master hypnotist certification and is also a certified hypnotherapist, though he chooses not to practice hynotherapy, which involves applying hypnosis to modify behavior, emotional content, and/or attitudes in order to address dysfunctional habits. He said hynotherapy does work on issues like overeating and depression, and even self-hypnosis works if the subject has the discipline to work at it regularly. But the field is already too crowded, the insurance is expensive, and he doesn't believe hypotherapy should be performed by hypnotists who also work as entertainers.

"You can really only be good at one thing," he said. "And I aim to be the best."

Even in the entertainment field, there is a lot of competition, he said, and a lot of uncertified entertainers billing themselves as hypnotists.

Colucci said he's been able to build up his credibility by performing hundreds of shows through the years, for groups ranging from small private parties to crowds of 2,300, like the one he once drew for Girl Scout jamboree. He's taped every show he's performed.

He tailors the content of the shows to the audience, and many are family-friendly. Most shows last about two-and-a-half hours, and he writes most of the material himself, though he said he's not above getting ideas from others and rewriting the content. He travels as a team with two assistants who are audio and video specialists.

Twenty percent to 25 percent of the population is fairly easy to hypnotize, he said, while others require more work and more suggestions. Teenagers tend to be more suggestible. But TV shows that portray random audience members immediately falling into a hypnotic state are largely staged, he said.

"Several times things have happened at shows that have thrown me right off," he said. "I can make fun of a situation and make it funny, but if I start laughing, that means something has caught me off guard that's never happened before."

At his most memorable gig ever, he said, not one person in the audience of 30 wanted to step forward and be hypnotized. To make matters worse, a loud mariachi band playing next door was distracting any would-be volunteers


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