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Pete Borchers is an up-and-coming comic from the not-so-mean streets of suburban West Bloomington in Minnesota. He is your average Minnesota guy. He is a frustrated Vikings fan and gets angry when people ask him to go to the cabin before it is warm. His observational style is sometimes smart and sometimes silly. But it will always make you laugh will keep you laughing at everything in between.

Pete has performed all across Minnesota and Wisconsin as part the Minnesota Numb Nuts and was the winner of both the Clean Comedy Contest and the Laff with Louie contest. Pete recently made his TV standup debut as a special guest of Louie Anderson on Twin Cities Live.

Pete is newly married, has a new mortgage bigger than Donald Trump's ego and recently became a father. He needs a laugh as much as his audience. “My wife and I didn't live together until we got married. We made a pact when we were dating: let's not live together until we have to.”

Pete credits his sense of humor to his ADD and a paralyzing fear of being normal. The birth of his first son is a true test of his commitment to laziness and irresponsibility.

"When I had my first child—a boy—I thanked God for my wife and her enduring the unspeakable-ness of childbirth. I don't think I could have done it without her.”

Pete's current maturity level and gag reflex, made him woefully ill prepared for the poop-covered minefield that became his life. Pete was fearful of becoming a dad. People told that him he will be a great dad but he worries how they can base that on a guy who has forgotten to take the money at an ATM.

“Everyone keeps telling me that my life is going to change, which is both true and not particularly helpful. Knowing that I sometimes have a hard time keeping myself alive, I'm just hoping that my son and I can both make it through our baby years together.

A few of Pete's credits and openings include the Minnesota Comedy Club, Comedy Gallery, The Laugh Pit; This Place is a Joke, Northrup Auditorium. Parkway Theater

Louie Anderson, Tom Arnold, Jeff Cesario, Kevin Meaney, Cathy Ladman

Jimmy Walker and Scott Hansen.


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